How Colleen Ballinger Created A YouTube Career With Longevity

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger has been making videos as Miranda Sings for more than ten years. Unlike many other creators who experienced a viral boom at the start of their careers, Colleen’s online empire in bigger now than ever before. Colleen has published multiple books, created a Netflix show, designed a lipstick, and toured the world multiple times as Miranda Sings. Now, as herself, she’s making her Broadway debut. Her career is only going up from here.

Here’s how Colleen Ballinger created a YouTube career with longevity.

She started with a simple idea and stuck with it.

The idea behind Miranda Sings is simple. The character believes herself to be the most talented performer in the world, despite the fact that she can’t sing at all. Miranda is both egotistical and delusional.

As Miranda’s popularity grew, Colleen didn’t make any drastic changes to the character. Through years of videos and other content, she added to the story, but she continued to portray Miranda the same way.

The video below is the one that made Miranda Sings go viral. Colleen still wears the overdrawn red lipstick and parts her hair in the middle to transform into her comedic alter ego.

She created a strong brand.

Though Colleen herself is well-known, she became famous as Miranda Sings. So, Colleen turned the character into a brand. By dressing Miranda in the same outfits over and over, Colleen was able to market the character’s iconic “Haters Back Off!” pants and signature red lipstick as merch.

She created an entire world for Miranda to live in, giving fans a peek into her story through books, videos, and live performances. Everything she’s created falls under the Miranda Sings brand.

She leaned into the direction her newfound fame took her.

Colleen always wanted to be a performer. After graduating with a degree in vocal performance, she worked as a performer at Disneyland and voice and piano teacher for children. On her personal channel, she shares covers and original songs.

However, instead of pursuing a career in music, Colleen has focused most of her attention on comedy. When she tours as Miranda Sings, it’s branded as a comedy tour rather than a concert. She’s even done a stand-up special for Netflix.

She worked hard to find opportunities to make her dreams come true.

Colleen didn’t settle for Miranda’s success. Instead, she continued working hard and sought out opportunities to make the dreams she’d always had come true.

The show she pitched to Netfllix was a labor of love. Her move into mainstream entertainment breathed new life into the Miranda Sings brand. For two seasons, she got to share her story with millions of viewers as the writer, director, and star.

In fall 2019, Colleen got to return to her theatrical roots with her Broadway debut. Alongside fellow YouTube star Todrick Hall, Colleen will be starring in the musical Waitress.

Colleen Ballinger created a YouTube career with longevity by embracing every opportunity. She grew both a strong brand and a lasting career.

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