How To Take A Break Without Killing Your Channel

Everyone needs a break sometimes, even content creators. However, creators like you often worry about taking breaks because of how much the YouTube video ranking algorithm depends on consistency.

Contrary to what you may think, it is possible to take a break without killing your channel. Here’s how to take a break from creating new content without losing your place in the algorithm.

1. Plan your break in advance.

In typical jobs, employees generally have to request their vacation time in advance. Even though you’re self-employed, you should plan your break as well in advance as you can. Schedule your time off at least a few weeks ahead so that you can plan your uploads accordingly.

You should also let your viewers know what’s going on. Even if there won’t be a break in uploads, they might notice your absence from other social media platforms and be concerned. A simple tweet or Instagram story should be enough of a heads-up, but you should also do a community post if you can.

2. Batch film enough content to last the duration of your break.

A few weeks before your scheduled break, take a day to batch film enough videos to last the duration of your break. These videos should be easy to film and simple to edit. Consider these low-concept videos as part of your break and have fun with them.

Product tests, Q-and-As, and quick tutorials are all good video ideas to batch film. You might even do a multi-part video you can break into several installments, such as a video game play-through or detailed storytime. You could also try something a little less staged, such as a house tour or a “get ready with me.”

To break up the monotony of batch-filmed videos, change your outfits in between. Consider changing up your video background or filming location as well. You could even bring in a friend, roommate, or significant other for a video or two.

3. Schedule your uploads.

Before you turn off your computer and head off on your break, you should set your YouTube channel up to run itself in your absence. You can schedule your uploads in advance so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re gone.

To schedule an upload, first upload the video file as you normally would. Add the title, description, and tags. Then, select “Scheduled.” Enter the date and time you want the video to go live. Be sure you’re setting it in the correct time zone as well. Finally, select “Publish on…” to save it.

4. Share playlists and social media updates while you’re away.

Even while you’re on your break, you might want to stay in touch with your audience. Create a few “greatest hits” playlists in advance so that you can share the links on social media to increase watch time during your break.

You might also keep updating social media during your break. Share vacation snapshots on your Instagram story. Live tweet the new Netflix show you’re binging. If you’re taking a break to work on a different project, share teasers and behind-the-scenes looks.

In order to take a break without killing your channel, you need to prepare in advance. Batch film a few videos and schedule your uploads before you sign off.

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