How To Support Your Channel Without Sponsorships

Sponsorships are great for funding your content creation by helping your earn extra money on top of your ad revenue. However, because sponsors often have strict expectations for your sponsored videos, it’s easy to feel as if your creativity is being stifled. If you’d rather support your channel without sponsorships, there are other ways you can earn extra income that don’t require brand deals.

Here are a few ways to support your channel without sponsorships.

1. Ask your audience to support you through crowdfunding.

With the changes to YouTube’s monetization policy, many vloggers have taken to supporting their content creation through crowdfunding. You can raise money for a bigger project through Kickstarter, or you can set up a monthly subscription service for your most loyal supporters through a platform like Patreon. In fact, YouTube is introducing its own service similar to Patreon, which you can read about here.

Many vloggers use Patreon to offer their supporters exclusive content in exchange for monthly giving. Jack and Dean introduced their audience to their new Patreon feed with this video.

2. Embark on another lucrative creative venture.

YouTubers aren’t just vloggers anymore. Many of them are writers, designers, musicians, and even Instagram influencers. Find a way to use your creative talents to support yourself in a side hustle or a new business venture. If you’re not sure where to start, try auditioning for a few small acting roles or reaching out to photographers who are in search of models.

Though Dodie Clark got her start on YouTube, she’s since released two EPs and a book. Dodie’s successful music career allows her to take her time creating YouTube videos she’s proud of.

3. Keep a day job in a field that interests you.

For many content creators, income may differ from month to month. On a platform with ever-changing policies, predicting how much you’ll earn from a specific video may be difficult. However, by keeping a day job, you can allow yourself the freedom to try new things with your YouTube channel rather than only making the videos you’re sure will help you make the money you need.

In the end of this video, Cristine from Simply Nailogical explains how important it is to her to keep working her day job as a crime and health statistics analyst. Even though she has millions of subscribers, Cristine prioritizes her first career as well.

Supporting your YouTube channel without creating sponsored content is possible. Try crowdfunding, embarking on a new creative venture, or keeping a day job.

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