How To Start A Successful Collab Channel

Not all of the biggest channels on YouTube are solo projects. Some of the most successful content requires a team of creators to produce. Two or more vloggers get to be the face of the channel. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one.

Here’s how to start a successful collab channel.

1. Find a collaboration partner you have natural chemistry with.

Running a successful YouTube channel is a full-time job. Just like with any other career, you want to work with the people you can work well with. Choosing the right partner is key to your new channel’s success.

Your ideal collab channel partner is most likely someone you already know. For example, if your sibling, close friend, or significant other already has a YouTube channel, consider asking him or her to work with you. If you’ve collaborated with other YouTubers in the past, consider which videos were the most successful and the most fun to make. Those creators are potential partners as well.

Before they started their gaming channel, British vloggers Daniel Howell and Phil Lester already had a YouTube-famous friendship. They banked on that bond by creating DanAndPhilGAMES.

2. Determine a strong shared brand for your channel.

When it comes to social media growth, personal branding is everything. However, when it comes to a collab channel, you have to incorporate multiple identities into the values and designs that represent your work.

To brand your collab channel, start by making a list of your shared interests and characteristics. Then, make a separate list of your contrasting ones. You can also incorporate your relationship to your collaboration partner into your channel branding.

Niki Demartino and Gabi Demartino run one of the most successful collab channels on YouTube. Their branding is strongly focused on their relationship as identical twins who are opposites.

3. Promote the collab content on your main channels.

Many of the subscribers on your new channel will come from the audiences you and your collab partner have already established on YouTube. In order to get them to check out your collab channel, start promoting the new channel in your main channel videos.

It can be as simple as leaving a link to your new channel in the descriptions of your main channel videos. You can also mention it in your call-to-action or run a giveaway for fans who subscribe to both channels.

Recently married vlogger NataliesOutlet runs a collab channel with her husband. Whenever she features him in a main channel video, she’s sure to mention their vlogging channel and his personal channel.

Starting a collab channel will help you grow your audience and make better content. Follow these tips to make sure it’s successful.

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