How To Really Engage Your Viewers

A lot of content creators focus on getting views, but in order to turn viewers into subscribers, you should really focus on viewer engagement. By interacting with the people who watch your videos, you’ll create a community around your channel. This is how subscribers turn into fans.

Here are a few ways to really engage your viewers.

1. Hang out with them via a regularly scheduled livestream.

Every Tuesday evening, vlogger Daniel Howell spends forty-five minutes with his viewers from the comfort of his London home. Using YouTube’s own YouNow, Dan hosts a weekly livestream. He answers viewer questions from the chat, talks about his life, and gets opinions on his latest video. Those watching the broadcast from home feel like they’re spending time with their favorite vlogger, and Dan gets to interact with his viewers on a more personal level.

Plenty of vloggers, both longtime legends and up-and-coming stars, use YouNow to connect with their viewers. You can also go live on Instagram or Facebook.

2. Open their packages on camera.

If you’ve got a P.O. box open for fans to send you mail, you should definitely be opening their packages on camera. Not only is it a super fun video to film, but you also get to personally thank the people who love your videos enough to send you things.

When Liza Koshy opened some suspicious fan mail, she got more than eight million views.

3. Make videos based off of viewer suggestions.

Most of the videos that Lisbug makes are based off of viewer suggestions. Every week, she gathers ideas from Twitter and from YouTube comments on her previous videos so that she knows exactly what her viewers want to see.

If you want to make content that your viewers love, listen to what they want.

4. Give video shoutouts to active social media followers.

There’s hardly anything a dedicated viewer wants more than his or her favorite vlogger’s attention. The Gabbie Show concludes every video with a shout out to a fan who has been especially active on her social media. This encourages viewers to both watch her videos and interact with her online more often.

Find a unique way to acknowledge your most loyal subscribers.

Engaging your viewers should be a top priority when it comes to growing your audience. Follow these tips to create a community around the content that you love.

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