3 Creative Ideas For Your Video Background

The video background is one of the elements that helps tie your channel together. Whether it’s your bedroom or a pretty painting, what you film in front of is what your viewers will remember.

Here are three creative ideas to help make your video background better.

1. Set up a room in your house especially for filming.

Many major vloggers simply film in their bedrooms, but others set up a specific room especially for filming. For example, Joey Graceffa decorated his office with a nice desk and a shelf of knick-knacks, which he changes out from time to time.

Even if you don’t have an office, you can choose a corner of your home or your room to be your filming area. Set up a cozy chair and a few paintings or posters, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Create an interesting wall.

Rather than dedicating an entire room to filming, you can choose one wall to transform into a colorful background. Make a collage of brightly colored posters, pictures, and drawings that represent your channel.

Superwoman films in front of a boldly designed wall.

3. Let your camera travel around your house.

Who says you have to film your videos in the same place every time? Shane Dawson’s video background depends on whatever his project is for the day. He tests life hacks in the kitchen but talks conspiracy theories in the kitchen.

Film your videos wherever it makes sense for them to be filmed. Plus, many viewers love seeing where their favorite vloggers spend their time off-camera.

Creating a bright and colorful video background will help bring unity to your videos. Try out one of these ideas to really make your channel shine.

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