How To Promote Your Channel By Designing Clothing

People love to represent what they love with the clothes they wear. Sports jerseys and band tees will never go out of style. So, why shouldn’t your viewers have something to wear so they can represent your channel with pride?

Here’s how to promote and brand your channel by designing clothing.

1. Create designs that represent your channel in some way.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can become a fashion designer. You don’t need to design haute couture that’s runway ready. All you really need is a few simple t-shirt designs that represent your channel.

You can design your own clothing line with sites like Spreadshirt. There are plenty of tutorials like the one below to help you do it.

2. Start wearing your own designs in your videos.

The first place viewers should see your new designs in on your own clothes. Start incorporating the clothes you’re selling into the outfits you plan for your videos. Be sure to mention what you’re wearing and where viewers can purchase their own.

Joey Graceffa often wears his own designs casually in videos. This wolf t-shirt is one of his favorites.

3. Link your online store in the descriptions of all your videos.

The description box is where viewers can find all the information they could ever want about your channel. Along with your social media and previous video links, you should also include a direct link to your online store.

You can even make an entire video to promote your new clothing line like Anthony Padilla did.

After launching your new clothing line, be sure to share pictures of your fans wearing it on social media. Everyone who sees your new designs is a potential new subscriber.

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