How To Plan A Successful Video Series

Creating a new video series can help you turn casual viewers into subscribers and increase your watch time score. However, first, you have to design a series that keeps your viewers watching until the end.

If you want to plan a successful video series, then follow the tips below.

Begin with the end in mind.

A good video series tells a story. Therefore, like any story, it should follow a story arc with an exposition, a climax, and a resolution. Everything should lead up to that final moment.

So, when you’re planning your video series, plan the ending before you even begin filming. If your series is scripted, your ending will guide the rest of your story. However, if your series is unscripted, then you should have an end goal to reach for.

For example, whenever Shane Dawson makes a documentary series with another YouTuber, his end goal is to provide his subject with a reconciliation that helps the audience better understand the creator as a person. His Jeffree Star series ended with a heartfelt apology from Jeffree for his past mistakes and the two becoming good friends.

Give each episode a specific purpose.

Ideally, your series should be between three to five episodes long. You can premiere a new video every week or spread them out over the course of a week or two.

Every episode in your series should serve a definitive purpose, like the chapters in a book. Think about different ways to explore your overarching topic or dive deeper into the story you’re trying to tell. Who can you talk to? Where can you go? What activities can you try out?

In the Try Guys’ old age series, they explored the aging process in four very different ways. Though each episode fit under the theme of aging, they also stood alone as individual videos.

Tease upcoming episodes.

The best way to keep viewers waiting for the next episode is to give them a sneak peak of what’s to come. End each video in your series with a teaser for the next.

You can also tease your upcoming episodes on social media. For example, you might share a short clip on Twitter, post a behind-the-scenes snapshot on Instagram, or even share a countdown.

Shane Dawson ended the first part of his extremely popular conspiracy documentary with a few clips to tease the finale.

In order to create a successful video series, you should plan everything out before you start filming. Tease your finale, and your viewers will be hooked until the very end.

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