How To Network With Other Creators Without Leaving Home

Now more than ever, content creation is a work-from-home job. This year, with so many major conventions and events being rescheduled or canceled, it’s challenging for creators to connect with each other. Since you can’t network in real life, you’ll have to be creative with the ways you do it online.

Here are a few ways you can network with other creators without leaving home.

Comment on videos that fit within your content niche.

Creators within your content niche should be your collaborators rather than your competition. On a platform as big as YouTube, there is room for everyone to succeed, so you should openly support other creators whose content attracts viewers like yours. The more rapport you can build with these creators, the stronger your niche’s community will become.

To connect with these creators, comment on videos that fit within your content niche. You might find them through your own suggested videos or by searching keywords you commonly employ. Praise your fellow creators for their captivating video ideas, strong editing, unique video structures, etc. If they reply, be sure to respond to keep the conversation going!

Engage with creators you admire on social media.

As a content creator, social media is basically your office. Your coworkers are the creators you follow. Since you don’t have a water cooler to chat with your fellow creators by, you’ll need to meet them where they already are—social media.

Reply to one of your favorite creator’s recent tweets. You might also comment on the Instagram post a creator you look up made to promote their next upload. You could even share their videos on your social media or post about the ways they’ve inspired you.

If a creator you admire follows you back, don’t be afraid to shoot them a DM. Reach out to ask for advice, to thank them for inspiring you, or to start a friendship. Be specific and succinct in your messages. Keep things professional as well.

Utilize LinkedIn’s messaging feature.

Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is designed for making professional connections. It’s a powerful networking tool for people in many different industries, including content creation. You can search for creators you want to connect with by name, and you can follow production companies you admire as well.

The messaging feature is another great way to network on LinkedIn. Even if someone hasn’t accepted your connection request, you can send them a messaging. It’s a good idea to message them when you send a connection request so you can explain why you’d like to connect with them.

If you don’t have any connections in common with another LinkedIn user, then you can still cold message them. The right message can actually improve your chances of making a connection. Follow this tutorial to learn how to craft an effective LinkedIn message.

To network with other creators from the comfort of your own home, turn to social media. Reach out to other creators within your content niche as well as creators you look up to.

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