How To Make Your Channel Eligible For Channel Memberships

In an effort to help creators earn more money, YouTube launched its new Channel Memberships feature this year. Eligible creators can invite subscribers to “join” their channels for access to exclusive content. It works a lot like the crowdfunding platform Patreon, only without users having to leave YouTube.

In a recent update, YouTube announced that it will be accelerating the process of making Channel Memberships available to more creators. Here’s how to make your channel eligible to earn money through channel memberships.

1. Set a goal to reach 50,000 subscribers.

In the update mentioned above, YouTube said that, in order to make Channel Memberships more widely available, the minimum subscriber threshold has been lowered from 100,000 to 50,000. That means only channels with more than 50,000 subscribers are eligible for Channel Memberships.

If your channel is still growing towards the 50,000-subscriber mark, then spend the next few months working towards that goal. Develop a social media marketing plan for your videos to help you reach more viewers. Then, follow the strategies in this post to turn your casual viewers into dedicated subscribers.

2. You must be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

You know that your channel is in the YouTube Partner Program if your content is monetized. YouTube made a few policy changes that affected monetization this year, so you should definitely check out this post to make sure your channel meets the new criteria.

If your channel isn’t yet a part of the YouTube Partner Program, it’s likely you’re in need of a boost in watch time. Find out more about watch time in this post and in the video below.

3. You must be over eighteen and live in one of the available locations.

To be eligible for Channel Memberships, you must be older than eighteen. If you’re still under eighteen, then focus on growing your audience and making a personal connection with them. In a few years, you’ll have a strong bond with your viewers, and they’ll be excited to support you in new ways.

As for available locations, you can find the full list here. Channels in countries such as the US and the UK are eligible. However, unlike several other YouTube features, many non-Western countries are eligible as well.

4. You must comply with YouTube’s terms and policies.

Finally, YouTube wants to ensure that the channels it endorses through Channel Memberships represent the company’s values well. Therefore, you must comply with the platform’s terms and policies. Any strikes on your channel must also be resolved.

If you have any live strikes on your channel, then you should watch this video to learn how to remove them.

Once you’re eligible for Channel Memberships, you’ll be able to turn on the feature from the features page on your YouTube dashboard.

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