How To Make Evergreen Content

Videos related to a trending topic or an upcoming holiday can help boost your views, but they won’t continue attracting viewers for very long. Therefore, you should mix your trendy or seasonal videos with evergreen content. The term “evergreen” refers to the kind of videos viewers can watch all year round or even several years from now rather than ones that will feel out-of-date in a few months.

Here’s how to make evergreen content for your channel.

Address common questions in your community.

Before you felt skilled enough to start making YouTube videos, you were a newbie in your online community. Because you started at the same level many of your viewers are at now, you probably know what kinds of questions they’re asking about your content niche. You might even see the same questions repeated over and over in your comments section.

A video addressing common questions in your online community is practically guaranteed to continuously bring in views. The more thoroughly you can answer such questions, the better. Get down to the basics, break it down into steps, or talk about things that might seem like common sense to an expert like yourself.

For example, in the subsection of Sims players in the gaming community, many creators incorporate fan-made mods or custom content into their Let’s Plays. These creators add this content to their games so often that the process seems easy and familiar to them, but viewers often ask them to explain how it’s done. Rather than brush off the questions the way some gamers do, Keeyuh created a guide for her viewers. In the video, she explained not only how she adds custom content to her game but also where she finds things to download.

Choose video topics with high search volume.

In addition to answering common questions, you can also cover popular topics. Center your videos around both broad and specific subjects related to your content niche. For example, if you were a beauty vlogger, you might make a video about the different kinds of eyeliner that can be used to create a wing then make another video about which method is the easiest.

To measure a certain video topic’s popularity, test its search volume using Google Trends. Search a word or phrase that sums up your potential video topic. Then, you can see how often that term has been searched over time, compare it to a different term, or find related keywords.

Focus on a personal narrative.

Finally, you can ensure your content is evergreen by making it unique to your channel. The best way to do this is to create a personal narrative within each video. Think of every new upload as a short film in which you are the main character. Write and shoot with a loose narrative in mind. Then, in the editing stage, try to hash out a clear story for viewers to follow.

The Try Guys do a great job of creating narratives within their videos. While every video they upload is unique, they often follow similar story patterns such as competing against each other, overcoming a challenge, or learning something new. Their ‘Without A Recipe’ series is an especially strong example of creating an effective narrative within the context of a YouTube video.

Evergreen content can help your channel grow by staying relevant for years to come. This kind of content is more likely to be re-watched by your current viewers or discovered by new ones.

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