How to Make 3 Standard Video Ideas Feel Brand New

No matter how many subscribers you may have, some videos can turn into a yawn-fest for viewers if they aren’t made creatively. It’s up to you to turn these commom video ideas into something totally new for your viewers! These ideas are often taken by so many YouTubers that it gets repetitive and boring. Although the concept may feel overdone, there are many ways to make them more creative and captivating for your audience.

Here are three of the most overdone types of YouTube videos and ways to make them different.

1. Be specific with your hauls.

A “haul” is when you make a video showing the viewers what you have just purchased. Many people on YouTube make haul videos after an everyday shopping trip. This is the most basic form of haul videos and typically the most boring way to do it. If there are too many different types of products, the video has no overall point.

The best way to make a haul video more entertaining is to be specific. Choose a specific store and a need that you had before going into that store. For example, many YouTubers who specialize in makeup tutorials will post haul videos after going to drugstores or to stores such as Sephora. Another way to engage your audience is to be helpful. More people will want to watch the video if they can learn something from it. This tactic applies best to holiday shopping. People often struggle to think of gift ideas, so your haul can help them. Again, choose only one store so the video doesn’t get disorganized or confuse the viewer.

2. Get risky with mystery boxes.

An “unboxing” video focuses on something that the YouTuber bought and is opening for the first time. There are a lot of videos of people unboxing boring things such Play Stations and MacBooks. At this point, we all know what is inside of those boxes: cardboard, styrofoam, and the electronic. Yawn.

One of the biggest fads for retailers nowadays is mystery boxes. This is a new and exciting way to make an unboxing video. You pay one price for a box that holds a number of surprise items. It’s helpful for viewers who are thinking of purchasing the box as well as being suspenseful and exciting for viewers that enjoy the same things.

3. Think outside the box with Q&A videos.

A question and answer video is common for popular YouTubers. However, if you decide to make a basic Q&A video, the questions that are asked can be pretty standard. Some boring questions are: “Are you single?”, “When’s your birthday?”, and “How long have you been on YouTube?”. All of these questions are so common that they will not be entertaining.

In order to make a Q&A video more interesting, you can bring in another person, such as a parent, significant other, best friend, or sibling. This opens up a door for more creative questions and a much more entertaining video. Another way to make it more interesting is to request questions about a certain topic. If you have recently gone through a big milestone in your life, or your videos portray something you are specifically passionate about, you can request viewers to ask you questions about a certain topic.

These video ideas are extremely common amongst the YouTube community. Avoid contributing to the massive amount of similar videos by being more specific and applying original ideas.

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