How to Improve Your Music Production

As a musician, you know how important it is to practice and refine your art. Those same principles apply to all aspects of being a musician, not just playing your instrument. One of the most important aspects that all musicians should focus on, especially ones who self-record, is their music production skills.

Here are three tips for doing just that.

1. Play around with audio equalizers and enhancers.

On whatever recording software you choose to use, there will be a lot of audio options. One of the most important features is the equalizer, a tool that lets you balance out the volume of all the tracks and fade the tracks left and right. By figuring out how to use this tool, you can add a depth to your music that would not otherwise be there.

There are also options such as reverb, distortions, and delays, which can be added to tracks after you record them.

2. Write music in the program.

Some of the higher end programs, like FL studios, come with audio packs that let you play around with various instruments and sounds. Use these tools to your advantage. If you want a violin movement in your song but don’t have a violin, write that track in your program.

These audio packs are great for adding cool sounds and effects that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to use.

3. Record in a soundproof room.

A lot of self-recording musicians, especially when starting out, don’t record in a soundproof room. You can get away with this for a little while, but the GarageBand quality of the recordings quickly loses its charm.

Recording in a soundproof room eliminates any outside, ambient noise and cuts down on unwanted echoes. Try it out next time you record, and listen for the difference.

Music production is a very important part of recording your own music. You may sound great live, but in order for record labels or club owners to want to promote your stuff, it has to sound great on track as well. If you start playing around with equalizers and enhancers, write some extra parts in the recording program, and record in a soundproof room, your music will be a step above the rest.

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