How To Hire The Right Team For Your YouTube Channel

For many content creators, a successful YouTube career is more than a one-person job. The biggest creators often have entire teams supporting them, from videographers and editors to managers and agents. The right team can make or break your career.

Hiring a team comes with both risks and rewards. The right people may be connected to other industry professionals who can help further your career, or they may be especially skilled to make your specific vision come to life. However, the wrong people can put your career growth and your finances at risk. When hiring people to work for you, always do thorough research and draw up clear contracts.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right team for your YouTube channel.

1. Research potential candidates who work with creators similar to you.

When you’re ready to add a member to your YouTube team, ask other vloggers you know about people they’ve worked with before. If their contacts are already busy with current projects, try asking them to recommend a colleague.

For example, imagine you want to hire an editor. If your friend who also runs a YouTube channel hired an editor a few months ago, you can ask him or her if that editor is available to work with you as well. If that editor is too busy, then you can ask if he or she knows any other editors capable of taking on your videos.

If you don’t know anyone who’s worked with the kind of person you want to hire, search freelancing sites or post a job listing yourself. Search for potential candidates on LinkedIn or Indeed.

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2. Run a background check.

Before hiring someone, run a background check on him or her. Even if you’re hiring that person based on a friend’s recommendation, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Many employers take this step when hiring new employees, so it’s not out of the ordinary for you to do it, too.

Online, you can find sites that allow you to runs background checks. There will likely be a fee, but the assurance will be worth it. However, if you don’t want to pay for a background check, then you should at least Google the person’s name and try to get a good idea of who he or she is.

3. Talk with people they’ve worked with before.

Even a background check won’t show you everything about a person’s character. Before finalizing your contract, ask for references. Call or email people he or she has worked with before and ask what working with that person was like.

You should also request examples of the candidate’s previous work. If the job is more management than creative, ask about how he or she handled problems that arose in previous positions.

4. Go with your gut.

Most importantly, when hiring people for your YouTube team, trust yourself first. If you get a sense that you wouldn’t work well with a certain person, then don’t hire him or her. If the candidate talks over you or talks down to you, then you should take those as signs to search for someone else.

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The right team can make or break your YouTube career. Keep these tips in mind when deciding who to hire.

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