How To Get Your Subscribers To Turn On Your Post Notifications

You’ve heard plenty of vloggers end their videos with, “And don’t forget to ding that notification bell!”. The notification bell is a relatively new addition to YouTube’s layout. It allows users to choose which channels they get instant notifications about. As soon as the channels they’ve chosen upload new videos, notifications light up those users’ phones.

Post notifications drive more viewers to a video more quickly. They can increase the likelihood that a video will get trending, too. However, all of this is dependent on just how many subscribers have your post notifications turned on.

Here’s how to get your subscribers to turn on your post notifications.

1. Entice them with a giveaway.

Giveaways are a popular way to gain more subscribers quickly. However, you can add an extra benefit to the competition by requiring those who enter to both subscribe to your channel and turn on your post notifications.

In order to get your viewers to enter the giveaway, you’re going to have to choose a prize that gets them excited. Save up for a new laptop, tablet, or high-end beauty product if you really want to get their attention. However, if you’d rather experiment with a smaller giveaway first, go for something like a Starbucks or iTunes gift card.

Many vloggers organize giveaways like this and list all of the rules in their video descriptions.

2. Make frequent use of the community tab.

When subscribers have your post notifications turned on, they also get notified when you post something to the community tab. If they don’t have your notifications turned on, then they’re likely to miss out on anything that you share there.

Make the community tab an important part of your channel. You can create polls that help you decide what video to make next. You can also share other videos you like or collabs that you were featured in. If you have a secondary channel, then you can share those videos here, too.

This video will teach you more about using the community tab to connect with your most loyal subscribers.

3. Interact with viewers who show up early.

If you’ve visited the comments section on any recent YouTube video, then you’ve probably seen at least a dozen comments referencing the “notification squad.” These popular comments are made by dedicated viewers who turn on that channel’s post notifications and watch each new video as soon as it’s uploaded.

You can encourage these kinds of comments on your own videos by interacting with the users who make them. A few minutes after your video goes live, hang out in the comments section below. Like and reply to comments from viewers who show up early. The more your viewers see you interacting with the notification squad, the more likely they’ll try to be a part of that group.

This creator dedicated an entire video to reading early comments on his previous videos.

Post notifications will bring more viewers to your videos more quickly. Encourage your subscribers to ding that notification bell so that they don’t miss a single thing.

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