How To Get Your Own YouTube Partner Manager

A partner manager can help you make the most out of your YouTube career. They can teach you about growing your channel or just give you general advice from an insider’s perspective. With a partner manager, you’ll meet one-on-one, create a personalized plan for your channel, and receive exclusive invitations to YouTube-sponsored events and workshops.

Here’s how to get your own YouTube partner manager.

Your channel must reach silver level.

Only channels that are silver level and up are eligible to work with partner managers. This means your channel must have at least a hundred thousand subscribers.

While getting your channel to a hundred thousand subscribers may seem as if it will take forever, your perseverance will pay off in the end. Continue uploading on a strict schedule and engage with your viewers to keep your channel growing steadily.

Your channel must be considered active.

Only active channels are able to work with partner managers. In order to be considered active, a channel must have uploaded new content on at least two separate days over the past few months.

Channel activity is also measured in watch time. A silver level channel requires a minimum of a hundred thousand hours of watch time in order to be considered active.

Your adherence to YouTube policies and Community Guidelines is vital.

YouTube partner managers are there to help you grow your channel. However, if your channel isn’t the kind of thing YouTube wants to be promoting, then a partner manager will not help you out.

Make sure you’re adhering to all of YouTube’s policies and Community Guidelines. Failure to respect the rules will make you ineligible for a partner manager.

The program is by invitation only.

There is no way to directly apply for a partner manager. The program is by invitation only, so YouTube reaches out to eligible channels directly.

Before YouTube reaches out to you, have a list of channel goals ready to discuss. You can start the list now and add to it as your channel grows.

Having a YouTube partner manager is a privilege for creators who reach a hundred thousand subscribers. Focus on your channel growth to become eligible for the program.

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