How To Get More Views With Food Content

Food content is one of the best niches a creator can grow in. Vloggers such as Rosanna Pansino, Hannah Hart, and Mark Wiens have built huge platforms through food-related videos. However, you don’t need to be a professional chef or a world-traveling foodie to start creating food content.

Here are a few ways any creator can get more views with food content.

Test out viral food hacks or recipes.

If you scroll through YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook for even just five minutes, then you’ll probably see at least one life hacks video. This format is incredibly popular, and food hacks are one of the top sub-genres. The best part is they’re supposed to be easy enough for anyone to do. Even if you fail at the food hacks you try, you’ll still have a hilarious video your viewers will enjoy.

For example, creator Raphael Gomes often reminds viewers that he’s not a professional chef. However, his food hacks videos always perform well. He often makes videos testing hacks from specific social media websites, such as this one about Reddit hacks.

Share a “What I Eat In A Day” video.

A few minutes on Instagram will show you that people love sharing what they’re eating. There’s a huge audience for it, too, which is what encourages people to continue posting about it. That’s why “What I Eat In A Day” videos have become a staple on YouTube.

For this kind of video, all you have to do is vlog what you’re eating through the day and talk a little bit about why you’re eating it. This format works especially well if you can make the title really specific about your identity. For example, this creator’s video showcased what she eats as a college student in South Korea.

Try to recreate foods from your favorite shows or movies.

Pop culture content is another popular niche. So, why not combine it with the popularity of food videos? You can test out a recipe from your favorite sitcom’s official cookbook, recreate a recipe from an anime you love, or follow a recipe that an actor you love shared.

The Binging With Babish channel was built around the concept of recreating foods from shows and movies. While the creator has branched out into other formats, his pop culture-related videos remain the most popular. For example, in the highest-viewed video on his channel, he recreated the titular dish from the Pixar movie Ratatouille.

If you’re looking for a video idea that will bring in a lot of viewers, then you should consider creating a food video. Start with one of the video ideas above or share your own creative concepts in the comments!

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