4 Ways To Sell More Merch

Many vloggers make significant portion of their income through merch sales. So, the more you can sell, the more financially stable you’ll be. However, simply listing your products in your online store often isn’t enough. In order to sell more merch, you have to hussle.

Here are four ways to sell more merch.

1. Be enthusiastic about your own merch!

Your viewers will be way more likely to want what you’re selling if you’re excited about it. Share why you love your merch and how you use it in your daily life.

Cristine from Simply Nailogical shares her enthusiasm for her nail polish line by using her own products to create nail art in her videos. In this video, she excitedly told viewers why she created two different glossy top coats.

2. Showcase fans who purchase merch on your social media.

Fans love to be noticed by their favorite creators on social media. To bring more attention to both your fans and your merch, share pictures of fans who purchase your merch.

For example, IRL Merch, a company that sells merch for several prominent British creators, does “Feature Me Friday.” Every week, they share pictures of fans sporting their favorite IRL Merch designs on their story and save them in a highlight.

3. Bring your merch along to meet-and-greets and events.

Bands often sell a ton of merch at their shows, and you can do the same. If you’re going to a YouTube-related event, putting on a show, or hosting a meet-and-greet, set up a merch table.

Make sure you’re bringing someone along to run the merch table while you’re working the rest of the event. However, you can also sell more merch by being the one behind the table. KickThePJ even created a claw machine to sell his ghost plushies at events.

4. Offer exclusive freebies with certain merch sales.

To encourage your fans to order more merch online, give them more than they’re paying for. You may include signed pictures, stickers, buttons, or other small items with limited orders.

For example, IRL Merch offered a signed picture and embroidered patches along with their discounted Dan and Phil jacket. They enticed fans to check out what else they had by promising more surprises on their website.

To sell more merch, get creative with freebies and fan interaction. Feature your fans on social media, and set up a merch table at events.

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