How To Get Longtime Subscribers Excited About Your Content Again

If you’ve been creating content for a few years, then your subscriber count may be significantly higher than your average view count is. If this is the case, then you probably have a lot of dormant subscribers. They’re still subscribed to your channel, but they no longer watch your videos or engage with your content in any way. However, if they were to become active fans again, your average view count would soar.

Here’s how to get longtime subscribers excited about your content again.

React to or recreate an old video.

Every single subscriber your channel has hit that subscribe button for a reason. In many cases, their taste in videos has evolved over the past several years, just as your style of producing videos has evolved. Their interests may no longer line up with yours, but nostalgia can pique their interest in your channel again.

For example, the Cimorelli sisters have been YouTubers and a singing group for more than a decade. To celebrate their channel’s tenth anniversary, they recreated some of their old videos. It brought back a lot of longtime fans who’d grown up watching their channel.

Collab with creators you worked with frequently in the past.

Whenever you watch a TV show, you tend to get attached to the entire cast of characters, not just one. Similarly, viewers love to see their favorite creators pop up in each other’s videos. They might have even found your channel through your old friend’s videos. If you haven’t recently collaborated with someone you used to make a lot of videos with, then you should consider reaching out to them. You don’t even have to be in the same room to make a video together.

For example, KickThePJ and AmazingPhil have been close friends and popular vloggers since their early days on the platform. Recently, they collaborated on a storytime video that was first an audio live show. Though they filmed from different cities, the video brought them and their viewers back together.

Put a new twist on an old viral video idea.

It’s likely that a lot of your subscribers came from a single video idea that performed especially well. Maybe it went viral, or maybe it spawned a series that brought in new viewers with each new episode. You should revisit that video idea and figure out how to put a unique twist on it.

For example, Moriah Elizabeth’s channel boomed in popularity because of her “Squishy Makeover” series. Fans loved watching her repaint used squishy toys they mailed in. So, she recaptured the same magic with her “Thrift Store Makeover” series. Instead of redecorating toys, she uses furniture and other unique secondhand finds.

In order to get dormant subscribers excited about your content again, you need to go back to creating the kind of content they subscribed for in the first place. Brainstorm ways to blend together your old content and your new style of videos.

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