How To Gain Access To A YouTube Space Near You

One of the coolest resources YouTube offers its creators is the YouTube Spaces, which are studios in major cities all over the world where vloggers can film, borrow equipment, and collaborate for free. However, you can’t just waltz into your nearest YouTube Space and set up shop. First, there are a few steps you need to take.

Here’s how to gain access to a YouTube Space near you.

1. Have more than ten thousand subscribers.

To keep the studios exclusive, each YouTube Space is only open to creators who have at least ten thousand subscribers. You must have no current copyright or Terms of Service strikes on your channel. You must also be at least eighteen years old.

Check out this video for tips on gaining more subscribers quickly.

2. Complete the online orientation.

After ensuring you meet the qualifications, you must complete the online “Unlock The Space” orientation. It only takes about an hour, and then you’ll be welcome into the YouTube Space.

This video explains more about accessing a certain YouTube Space.

3. Make sure your videos will pass legal clearance.

Though creators who film at a YouTube Space maintain all copyright and monetization rights, every video filmed there must pass a legal clearance review before it can be uploaded. This is how YouTube ensures that all videos filmed at a YouTube Space meet the platform’s Community Guidelines.

Watch this video for more information.

The YouTube Spaces are an amazing resource for creators all over the world. Follow these steps to gain access to the YouTube Space near you.

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