How To Find Inspiration and Motivation To Work

It is only human to have lazy days, writer’s block, and dips of procrastination. The following five tips, however, will help you conquer these obstacles and put out your best, most passionate work.

1. Go back to what first inspired you.

When you reach a roadblock, ask yourself what made you start this project in the first place. Was it a video you watched that really moved you? Or was it a song that made you feel some kind of way? Sometimes, it is easy to lose touch with the fire of passion that first inspired you to take on your project. So, the best remedy in these kinds of situations is to simply relive that epiphany moment when you decided to start making videos, music, etc. Watching that one video that inspired you or listening to that one song that shook you will help rekindle the fire that has burnt out; you will likely be motivated to finish what you started.

YouTuber Casey Neistat finds inspiration in telling stories, and that is what drives him to keep making films.

2. Make a daily schedule/routine.

At times when you don’t have to rush anywhere and don’t have much of a schedule to follow, it is easy to sleep through the day. To overcome this laziness, you should make yourself a personal schedule and to-do list to push yourself to tend to the day’s responsibilities. For example, if you know you won’t be leaving the house today, make a schedule for yourself that sets a wake-up time, breakfast time, and editing time or writing time. Compiling daily to-do lists will also help motivate you to fill the empty days with tasks. This will also push you to finish your work quicker without so much procrastination.

The following video is an example of making a personal schedule for final exams week. Take this as a jumping-off point for your own schedule.

3. Set an alarm.

This tip is similar to the above one regarding following a personal timeline. Oftentimes, writing down a schedule for yourself may not be enough to push you to follow through. However, if you set an alarm on your phone for every activity (for example, an alarm going off every hour), you will be more likely to shake off the lazy and take on the task. Alarms are more physical shoves that will motivate you to follow your schedule.

4. Talk to others.

Especially when you have a bad case of writer’s block, talking to others will help you both decompress and find inspiration. You may just find ideas hidden in conversations with friends, and your friends will definitely be sources of strength to motivate you to do your best. Never try to do anything on your own; enlisting the help or just companionship of others will help bring out the best in your abilities.

5. Make an inspiration board.

It’s easy to give up halfway through a project, especially when you’ve worked on it for so long that you’re pretty much sick of the entire idea. However, you must remember that you took on this project because you found it interesting, and you wanted your big idea to come to life. To rediscover this passion, put together an inspiration board by compiling images, such as your favorite YouTubers, actors, musicians, or films, and pasting them onto a plaster board to hang by your desk. Or, make a playlist of your favorite songs, particularly songs that inspire you and help you work well. This will help you push through lazy dips and rediscover the lost fire.

In the following video, YouTuber LaurDIY suggests putting together a “vision board” of goals to motivate you to persevere.

While overcoming procrastination and laziness may seem an impossible task, remember that passion and inspiration are far more powerful. Take the above five tips into consideration and reevaluate your current routine. Rather than giving into the mental dips, work to surpass them; you’ll find that it is a lot easier to do than you think.

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