How To Find Brands You Want To Pitch Sponsorships To

As a creator and influencer, you probably count on brand deals as an important source of income. However, if you’re not getting offers from the kind of brands you actually want to work with, then it’s time to start reaching out to brands on your own. First, though, you’ll need to decide which brands you’d like to work with.

Here’s how to find brands you want to pitch sponsorships to.

Scroll through the brands and small businesses you’re following on Instagram.

An easy way to find businesses you’re interested in working with is to simply scroll through your own Instagram feed. Make note of any product posts that catch your eye. If you would consider ordering it yourself or recommending it to your followers, then it’s probably something you could make a great sponsored video about.

Pay special attention to the brands and small businesses that follow you back. If they’re engaging with your content, then it’s likely that they’d be really interested in working with you. Consider sending them a DM asking if they’d be interested in an influencer marketing campaign.

Check other channels in your content niche for recent sponsored videos.

You can find brands that are already working with creators by looking at other YouTube channels within your content niche. Search the channels of creators whose content is similar to your own for recently uploaded sponsored videos. Watch these videos to get an idea of what the brand would expect from you.

Next, you have two options. You can either reach out to those brands directly and pitch a sponsored video, or you can ask the creators they worked with for contact info. The creators may also be able to give you insight into what working with the brand was actually like and how much they made.

Brainstorm a list of products and services that might be relevant to your audience demographic.

Brands often choose which creators to work with based on how their consumer and audience demographics line up. They want to use sponsored content as a way to reach as many new potential customers as possible. So, if you can find brands who are trying to reach customers similar to your viewers, then you have a strong basis for a sponsorship pitch.

Brainstorm a list of products and services your audience would be interested in purchasing based on your recommendations. For example, if you were a vegan beauty vlogger, then your audience would probably love any cruelty free lipstick you suggested. If you were a gaming vlogger who did a lot of long live streams, then your viewers would be interested in your recommendations for a comfortable desk chair.

Then, identify brands that sell the kinds of products and services you brainstormed. Find the contact info for their marketing or PR departments. Finally, pitch your own idea for a sponsorship, highlighting the similarities between your audience demographics and their consumer base.

To find brands you want to pitch sponsorships to, think about the kind of products you’d recommend to your audience in a typical video or the brands you’d like to work with. Then, share your ideas for a sponsorship with relevant businesses in an email.

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