How To Draw In New Viewers With A Product Review

Product reviews have long been a staple on YouTube. From beauty to movies, many viewers turn to YouTube for help deciding how to spend their money. Though some viewers rely only on specific channels for reviews, many will simply search the product they want and check out the top reviews they find. If they like a review, they’re likely to subscribe to the channel as well.

Here’s how to draw in new viewers with a product review.

1. Choose a product that’s creating buzz online.

Every so often, there’s a new product creating a stir online. Whether it’s a wacky makeup product or the latest tech gadget, hundreds and thousands of people are talking about purchasing the same thing. However, before they spend their money, they’re going to need to know if the product lives up to the hype.

Apple always dominates the headlines when it releases a new gadget. When the iPhone X dropped a few months ago, iJustine was among the first to unbox the new phone.

2. Give the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What’s most important in a video review is that you tell viewers what you didn’t like about a product as well as what you did like. If you only discuss the positive elements, then viewers may perceive your review as sponsored content when it’s not. They’re less likely to trust a review if they think you may be getting paid to praise the product.

Makeup vlogger James Charles has long sung the praises of Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer. However, when the company launched its Shape Tape Foundation, James didn’t dance around the truth. By giving a full review of the product, he helped his viewers make informed purchases.

3. Test it out more than once.

In order to give a good review, you’ll need to test the product out for more than the duration of a ten-minute video. Though there are vloggers who treat product testing like a “one and done” type of deal, the ones who get the most views are those who try to incorporate the products into their lives off camera as well.

Korean skincare was all the rage in the beauty community. So, Safiya Nygaard decided to test a Korean skincare set. Rather than testing all of the products once on camera for a review, she continued to use them in place of her normal skincare routine for the entire month. She filmed clips throughout the process to keep her audience updated.

Product reviews are a great way to draw viewers to your channel. Next time there’s a trendy product you want to try, share a full review with your audience.

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