How To Do A Gaming Live Stream On YouTube

If you’re a gamer, then you’ve probably tuned into your fair share of gaming live streams. Maybe you’ve even considered growing your channel by hosting a gaming live stream of your own. Though broadcasting from a camera and your console at the same time may seem complicated, the setup is something anyone can learn.

Make sure you’ve enabled YouTube Live on your channel.

Before you start, make sure your channel is verified. This simple process only requires you to enter a code that’s sent to your phone. Once your channel is verified, you can go live directly from YouTube.

Next, go to YouTube’s gaming page. Scroll through the top games to see what viewers are interested in. If you scroll down, you can even see the top gaming streams in your region.

Research specific instructions to link your console to YouTube Gaming.

Depending on your device, how you connect to YouTube Live will vary. The Verge put together a great list of specific instructions for different consoles, which you can find here.

You can also find YouTube tutorials that show you exactly what to do. Search the name of your console along with “how to stream on YouTube.”

Collect any additional accessories you need.

For some consoles, such as the PlayStation 4, you’ll need to buy a specific camera accessory if you want to add a face reaction camera to your stream. However, unless your viewers are used to seeing a reaction cam in your videos, then you may be able to get away with simply using a microphone.

If you’re streaming from a mobile device, download the YouTube Gaming app.

Promote your stream on social media before it starts.

Before you go live, let your audience know when you’ll be streaming and what game you’ll be playing. Use Twitter, your Instagram story, and your YouTube community page to reach more fans more quickly.

Comedian and gamer Dean Dobbs often tweets about the gaming streams he does with his friends.

Download and edit the finished stream to upload to your YouTube channel.

After you’ve finished your stream, download the recording. Edit a condensed version to upload to your channel for viewers who missed it.

BuzzFeed Multiplayer uploads condensed versions of Twitch streams to YouTube so viewers don’t miss out.

If you’re into video games, doing a live stream can help you reach a ton of new viewers. Choose a popular game and go live.

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