How To Crush Your YouTube Goals In 2019

Every new year, people all across the world set new goals to improve their well-being, reach their aspirations, and further their careers. In fact, there’s no better time to establish new goals for your YouTube channel!

What do you want your channel to look like this time next year? Do you want to have twice as many subscribers? Is it better engagement you’re after? What about a consistent upload schedule? Whatever your goals are for 2019, you can and will reach them with a little hard work and a whole lot of dedication.

Create a vision board.

Visualizing your goals helps you manifest success. Many people create vision boards to motivate themselves. Seeing your goals in front of you empowers you to take actions that align with them.

First, obtain a poster board, cork board, or something else to serve as the base of your board. Then, find a quiet space in your home where you can work alone for a while. Begin by considering the goals you want your vision board to represent. What do you want or need to grow your channel? What values do your goals represent, and what will it feel like to achieve them?

Next, gather the art supplies, magazines, stickers, or whatever else you want to decorate your board. Cut out or print images that resonate with your intentions and your goals. Write quotes, draw things, and arrange everything any way you like.

When you’re finished, put the vision board somewhere you can see it. If you have a home office, hang it above your computer. Alternatively, hang it behind your camera in your filming location so you can see it as you make videos.

Set SMART goals.

Now that you can see your goals in front of you, it’s time to make them more concrete. Many successful people use the SMART method to set well-defined, achievable goals. SMART goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

First, make your goal specific rather than vague, such as “I want to gain a thousand more subscribers” instead of “I want to grow my channel.”

Next, make sure you can measure your rate of success in some way. For example, you may measure your subscriber growth by recording your subscriber number on a chart every month. Your goal will be “I want to gain at least eighty subscribers every month.”

Thirdly, make sure your goal is realistically attainable but not too easy. If you already have a million subscribers, then growing your channel by a thousand more is too small a goal. However, if you only have a hundred subscribers, then growing your channel by five hundred may be a more attainable goal.

Your goals should also be relevant to the overall vision you have for your channel. If your goal is to gain a thousand subscribers but your vision board reflects using your channel to launch a music career, then you may consider changing your goal to increase your engagement with the subscribers you already have.

Finally, your goals has to be time-bound. The end of the year already serves as a deadline, but you can break your goal down into smaller deadlines as well. For example, “I want to gain at least eighty subscribers a month” is time-bound, as is “I want to spend three hours every week responding to video comments.”

Remove distractions from your life.

When you should be making videos and interacting with your audience, what are you doing instead? If it’s a video game, consider moving the console to the closet. If it’s spending time with a significant other, ask them to give you space during working hours. If it’s sleep, set your filming equipment up in a room that isn’t a bedroom.

To more efficiently remove distractions during your working hours, set up a home office or filming studio. It can be as simple as a card table on the other side of your bedroom. Keep pets, children, or other housemates out of this space. You should also keep your television, video games, and cellphone out of reach. When you’re filming or editing, stay in your home office.

Find an accountability partner.

Every vlogger has a set of goals he or she is working towards. Ask your vlogger friends about their goals, then tell them about yours. Keep each other accountable by checking in on each other’s progress every week.

If you don’t have any friends who are vloggers, then pick another friend or family member you trust. Ask that person to remind you about your goals and help you keep track of your success.

Make your audience a part of the fun.

Tell your viewers about your goals and promise special content once you’ve reached them. Make it a game, a competition, or a project you’re working on as a community.

For example, one of the Try Guys’ major goals of 2018 was to win a Streamy. Because they took home the award, their viewers were rewarded with a special video they’d been begging the guys to make.

If you want to crush your YouTube goals in 2019, create a vision board and then set SMART goals. Remove distractions from your work life and recruit a friend as an accountability partner. Maximize your potential for success by asking your audience to help you reach your goals.

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