How To Create An Epic Cover Video

Cover videos have helped artists such as Justin Beiber and Alessia Cara get their big breaks. However, with so many singers now trying to make it big the same way, it’s important to put as much into your cover video as possible.

Here’s how to create an epic cover video.

1. Use a separate microphone to record your audio.

A cover video should focus on quality sound. Rather than relying on your camera to capture decent audio, use a separate microphone to record your audio. This will also be helpful for cutting together different video angles without chopping your audio.

Emily Jane’s microphone makes her vocals shine.

2. Film in a well-lit area.

Whenever your listeners check out your next cover, they want to be able to watch you sing. Prevent shadows or a low-quality picture by filming in a well-lit and comfortable area.

Colleen Ballinger’s cover videos are always bright to match her personality.

3. Turn it into a music video.

If you’ve got a good camera and enough of a budget, you can take your cover video up a notch by turning it into a music video. You can either parody the original or reimagine a completely new storyline.

Bart Baker turns his parody songs into crazy music videos.

Creating an epic cover video requires a little effort and a lot of imagination. Follow these tips to start creating better song covers that get more views.

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