How To Convert Casual Viewers Into Dedicated Subscribers

On YouTube, the most important factor in your video’s success is the number of views it gets. However, your total number of subscribers matters to your channel’s overall success. The more subscribers a channel has, the more views its videos are likely to get.

Viewers who hit the subscribe button will see all of the videos you post, so it’s important that even casual viewers subscribe. By engaging with your viewers more and catering to what they want, you can get more of your subscribers to watch more of your videos as well.

Here’s how to convert casual viewers into dedicated subscribers.

1. Create a memorable call-to-action.

Most YouTubers either open or end their videos with a call-to-action. They remind viewers to like the video and subscribe, but after hearing it so many times, viewers may tune you out or skip forward. To make sure they pay attention, create a memorable call-to-action.

Rather than saying her call-to-action, beauty vlogger Laura Lee sings it. Viewers can sing along to her “subscribe song” before pressing the subscribe button.

2. Engage with your audience using the community tab.

Only subscribers get posts from your community tab in their home feeds. Use this channel feature to share exclusive pictures with your audience or create polls to help decide your next video idea. The more you use the community tab, the more valuable it will become to your audience.

Check out this video for more ways to utilize your community tab.

3. Take video requests seriously.

If your viewers keep asking you to make a certain video, you should take this request seriously. When you cater to what your viewers want, they’ll subscribe to get more. Keep up with what your audience wants by reading their comments, tweets, and DMs. To narrow down their ideas, you can even run a poll.

Safiya Nygaard celebrating reaching five million subscribers by letting her audience pick her first tattoo. She opened an email address for idea submissions then ran several polls to narrow down her subscribers’ top choice.

4. Incentivize them to subscribe with a giveaway.

One of the best ways to get viewers to press the subscribe button is to incentivize them. Hold a giveaway exclusively for people who are subscribed to your channel. Announce the giveaway in a video and spell the rules out clearly in the description. To make extra sure the winner is a subscriber, you can even have those who enter send you a screenshot on Instagram or Twitter to prove they’re subscribed to your YouTube channel.

Grav3yardgirl had viewers subscribe to both her channels in order to be entered in a massive makeup giveaway.

Turning viewers into subscribers will boost the success of both your individual videos and your channel overall. Follow these tips to convert casual viewers into dedicated subscribers.

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