How To Capitalize On The Success Of A Viral Video

Whenever a video of yours goes viral, you may worry that all the attention will disappear as soon as the next big thing comes along. As a content creator, that’s the last thing you want. However, there are steps you can take to turn your fifteen minutes of viral fame into a lasting career as an influencer.

Here’s how to capitalize on the success of a viral video.

Create relevant follow-up content.

There’s a reason your video went viral in the first place. Analyze the viewer feedback you’re receiving, such as comments and reaction videos, to gauge what made so many people want to watch and share it. These findings will inform the kind of follow-up content you should make.

Start with the most obvious follow-up videos. Are viewers asking for a part two? Does this video idea have series potential? Alternatively, was it a more organic moment that you can dive deeper into with a storytime or a Q-and-A?

Then, look more specifically at the way your viral video was packaged. Was there something different about your title or thumbnail? Did you step outside of your content niche? Incorporate these observations into your next few uploads and make note of any changes in your videos’ performances.

Respond to media enquiries in a timely manner.

Whenever one of your videos goes viral, your email inbox will probably be flooded with media enquiries. You may be asked to give interviews, make sponsored posts, or collaborate with other creators. You should wade through these requests carefully, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of these offers.

Before accepting a request, analyze the online presence of the company or person who’s asking. For example, if someone asks to interview you, is it coming from a reputable source whose content you enjoy? If a company is asking you to promote their products on Instagram, what are their customer reviews like? If another creator is asking you to collaborate, is it someone you look up to within your content niche, or is it a controversial creator who may be trying to use you for clout?

Use your best judgment when deciding which offers to accept. You should also keep in mind that you aren’t obligated to reply to every single request you receive. Choose the ones that will help direct your career in the way you want it to go.

Engage with your growing audience.

Your audience will grow exponentially in the wake of your viral video. In order to ensure they stick around after the attention starts to wane, you need to make them feel included in the community surrounding your channel. You don’t want there to be a divide between your longtime viewers and your brand-new fans.

To foster that sense of community, engage with your new fans on the same level you engage with your longtime ones. Like their Instagram comments, answer their DMs, and retweet their fan art. You can also host online events like live streams, YouTube Premieres, and tweet chats to encourage your fans to engage with each other as well.

You should also consider creating a video that highlights the best of your fan base. Go through your Tumblr tag, react to reactions videos, or share your favorite fan art on camera. Additionally, you can invite new fans to become Channel Members or join your Patreon for access to more exclusive content you create.

Most importantly, you should embrace the turn your career is taking. A viral video is something to be proud of, but it’s also a huge opportunity for the content creator who uploaded it. Use the attention a viral video brings to your channel to connect with your new fans and build a lasting career.

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