How To Build An Audience From Scratch

Even the most popular YouTubers started with zero views and zero subscribers. Just like your favorite vlogger, you can grow a successful channel of your own from the ground up.

Here’s how to build an audience from scratch.

Focus on gaining followers on another platform.

Many newly popular YouTubers got their start on another platform, such as Vine, TikTok, or Instagram. While building your YouTube channel, you should focus on growing your presence on another platform as well.

Perhaps one of the best examples of creators who got their start on a different platform is Lele Pons. She began her career on Vine. After Vine shut down, Lele grew a massive following on Instagram. Then, she partnered with a production company to create a YouTube channel.

Create content within a very specific niche.

The more specific you can get with your content niche, the better. YouTube is so oversaturated with content that viewers are constantly on the lookout for something new and different. Play up what makes your lifestyle unique.

For example, new creator Jennelle Eliana recently went massively viral with her very first video, which was about living in a van with her pet snake. Her unique lifestyle caught the attention of millions of viewers.

Continue delivering quality content on a regular basis.

For the majority of creators, building an audience is about consistency. As long as you deliver quality content on a regular basis, people will keep watching. As you add more videos, you’ll attract more subscribers as well.

When the Try Guys left BuzzFeed, they launched their own independent channel without the millions of subscribers their former employee had. However, they continued to post new videos every Wednesday and Saturday, and within a year, they had more than six million subscribers of their very own.

Engage with your viewers as much as possible.

An audience is like a garden. No matter how big it is, if you don’t take care of it, it won’t be very fruitful. That’s why engaging with your viewers is so important. The more you interact with them, the stronger the community around your channel will become. Then, you’ll have a firm foundation to build the rest of your YouTube career on.

To engage with your viewers, you can reply to their comments, tweets, etc. You can also repost fan art, shout-out active fans in videos, or create videos that require their participation. For example, Moriah Elizabeth has an entire series in which she redecorates old squishies that her viewers send in.

Building an audience begins with offering them something different. Then, continue delivering quality content consistently and engage with your audience as much as possible.

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