How To Brand Your Channel With Color

Familiar companies are often associated with the colors in their logos. For example, many people can recognize the forest green in the Starbucks logo or the iconic Tiffany blue. Using specific colors makes these brands stand out from all the other coffee chains or jewelry designers.

YouTube channels can be branded with color as well. However, more goes into it than simply slapping your favorite color onto your channel banner.

Research color psychology to help you choose the right colors.

You want your audience to feel a certain way when they visit your channel. This is where color psychology comes into play. Researchers have found that color influences perceptions that are not obvious, and many marketers use these findings to improve their designs. By researching color psychology, you will know which colors to use in your design to help you solicit the desired reaction from your audience.

For example, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook use blue in their logos because color psychology says the color blue makes people want to look at their sites for longer periods of time. This makes sense because cool colors are considered more favorable.

Use color theory to determine which colors look best together.

Color theory, on the other hand, is the traditional way artists and designers decide which colors look best together. Using the color wheel and other methods, you can easily determine which colors coordinate well.

Once you’ve chosen a main color using color psychology, use color theory to choose two or three colors to coordinate with it.

Keep the colors you use consistent across your logo and product designs.

In order to make your color branding effective, keep it consistent across your designs for a channel banner, logo, avatar, or merch. That way, your audience will see those colors and immediately associate them with your brand.

For example, the Try Guys brand their channel with four pastel colors, one to represent each member. The same color represents the same member in their channel banner, logo, video intro, and merch.

If you want to strengthen your channel branding, use color theory and psychology to choose the best colors for you. Then, keep your color choice consistent across all of your channel designs.

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