How To Balance Your Music Career With Your Day Job

Many aspiring musicians hold a day job to help make ends meet while working their way towards a record deal. However, whether you’re waiting tables, writing songs for other artists, or running your own business, scheduling time to work on your music can be difficult. It doesn’t have to be if you keep your priorities in balance.

Here’s how you can balance your music career with your day job.

1. Establish a morning routine that allows time for music.

Start waking up an hour earlier than you normally would so that you have time to work on your music in the morning. Rather than hitting snooze, get ready as quickly as you can so that you can spend that extra hour practicing, writing songs, or experimenting with recording equipment.

This video will help you learn to make a habit of waking up earlier.

2. Dedicate your most productive time of day to music.

Are you more likely to get things done early in the morning or late at night? It may even be right after work that you feel the most accomplished. Once you determine what time of day you are most productive, set that time aside specifically for your music.

3. Use your commute as time to learn more about your craft.

There are plenty of podcasts and YouTube series about making it as a musician. Replace the radio with one of these as you’re driving or taking the bus to work. Take mental notes about how you can apply what you’re learning to your own career.

You can easily work more music into your daily schedule by prioritizing practice time and writing sessions. Use these tips as a starting point to balance your music career with your day job.

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