How This YouTuber Used Humor To Earn 3 Million Subscribers

Mark Williams is best known for his YouTube channel MysticGotJokes. The 27-year-old is most praised for his many prank videos and social experiments with others. Through humor and his charming personality, Mystic is catching everyone’s eye as he’s becoming one of the most sensational vloggers.

Here is how Mystic’s videos became such a huge hit.

1. He relies on personable topics.

Before creating prank videos, Mystic made his vlogs about very relatable issues. Some of his first videos are titled “Pet Peeves,” “What Attracts a Woman,” “Fake Friends,” and “Relationship Rules.” Occasionally, the YouTuber also takes on celebrity news like “Kim Kardashian’s Marriage” and “Ellen’s Dance Dare.”

Mystic is able to draw subscribers’ attention through his catchy titles and the uplifting, easing flow he displays in his videos.

2. His viewers love his humor and his life advice.

Mystic’s humorous and positive outlooks on social, relationship, and personal issues create a relaxing environment in his vlogs. He manages to turn any topic into something funny.

His viewers keep coming back for videos like this one.

3. He participates in viral challenges to get noticed.

Whether it be YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, you are constantly being introduced to new challenges and funny videos. Participating in those challenges is a great way to gain exposure and a wider range of fan base.

Here is a video of Mystic playing the Whisper Challenge.

4. He gets his friends involved to raise the stakes.

Mystic’s jokes are based on possible real-life situations. In turn of him pranking others, Mystic’s friends constantly try to prank him back. This back-and-forth pattern in his channel makes it seem like a game.

Involving other people in your videos creates a cast of characters. Viewers will tune in as if they’re watching their favorite weekly sitcom.

MysticGotJokes earned millions of subscribers through his funny, relatable content. If you make videos that every viewer can relate to, you’ll be well on your way to building a huge subscriber base of your own.

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