How This YouTuber Released A Successful Music Video

Joey Graceffa didn’t join YouTube to be a musician. Rather, he made a name for himself through short films, collaborations, and other creative projects. However, singing was always something he enjoyed, and in 2015, he decided to release an original music video of his very own.

Here’s how Joey Graceffa released a successful music video.

1. He used the video to introduce viewers to a very important part of his life.

The real star of Joey’s music video was Daniel Preda, his first boyfriend. “Don’t Wait” was the first time that most of the world had seen Joey and Daniel together as a couple. By casting Daniel as his love interest for the music video, Joey showed his fans what this amazing person meant to him.

Joey and Daniel shared their love story with viewers in this video.

2. The video shared a very personal story.

The music video parallels living with an alcoholic parent to fighting evil in a fairytale. This storyline reflected a very personal aspect of Joey’s life, and his video offered a message of hope to viewers facing similar circumstances.

Joey shared his struggles with his subscribers here.

3. He followed up the music video with an explanation.

“Dont’ Wait” was the first time that Joey had publically come out as gay on the internet. Though he’d said so in his autobiography, Joey released a video sharing his story soon after the music video premiered.

Watch it below.

Joey Graceffa released a successful music video by creating something that was extremely personal to him. By sharing what’s important to you with your viewers, you, too, can create a music video that moves mountains.

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