6 Tips to Rank Higher on YouTube

YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, is very meticulous about how it ranks videos. Millions of videos are being uploaded on a daily basis. So getting lots of views, likes and subscriptions is not really easy. In order to perform better, your video has to rank highly.

Below are 6 techniques you can use to increase your YouTube video ranking:

Publish Significantly Long and Interesting Videos

YouTube’s engineering director, Cristos Goodrow, explained the importance of watch-time in his interview with Business Insider in 2015. Ads generate revenue for YouTube. Higher ‘watch-time’ allows YouTube to insert more ads into videos. So, YouTube ranks videos based on total watch-time. Therefore, it is important to create videos that are at least 10 minutes long.

Along with length, another important factor is ‘Audience retention’. Your video should be capable of capturing and maintaining viewers’ attention for a long time. So make sure your content is good enough to hook viewers for at least 15 seconds. Studies have shown that, if viewers find a video interesting for 15 seconds, they end up watching the entire video.

In these 15 seconds, you could give them a gist of what the video entails and what new information is available.

Optimize Thumbnails for Higher CTR

CTR is basically a measure of how many people who see your thumbnail, click on it (clicks/impressions). CTR plays a vital role in increasing the rank of your video. In order to gain better CTR, create thumbnails that are visually appealing.

Create Closed Captions

Closed captions (CC) are very helpful for people with hearing issues. While many overlook CC, they have their benefits. CC are crawlable and provide an added SEO advantage. Every time someone clicks on CC, the potential ranking of your video increases. So make sure you use keywords sufficiently in your videos.

Use Annotations in the Video

Add annotations, encouraging viewers to like and comment on your videos. Videos with more likes tend to rank really high.

Another advantage of using annotations is that they can be used to link to other videos. This helps increase backlinks.

Use a Well Researched Keyword in the Title

Find a keyword in your niche and add it preferably at the beginning of the title. Google Keyword Planner can help you find an apt keyword. Although keywords play a relatively small role in increasing rankings, they are still significant.

Create Quality, High Definition Videos

The quality of a video also plays a big role in increasing rankings. Researches have shown that majority of the videos on YouTube’s homepage are in High Definition (HD). So make sure you create high quality videos.

Hope these 6 tips were helpful. Use these techniques to create videos that will gain high popularity.

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