How This YouTuber Gained 3.2 Million Subscribers

Ricky Dillon is a successful vlogger, author, and recording artist. He’s a very prominent member of the YouTube community, with more than three million subscribers of his own to boast.

Here’s how Ricky Dillon gained 3.2 million subscribers.

1. He got his start on a collab channel.

Ricky first rose to prominence as part of O2L, a group of boys who lived and made YouTube videos together. Though O2L disbanded several years ago, many of the boys continue to collaborate frequently.

Ricky often makes videos with his best friend and fellow former O2L member Trevor Moran.

2. The videos that he creates are fun and trendy.

Most of Ricky’s videos focus on comedy, yet no two of his videos are exactly alike. He tells stories, participates in challenges, and even puts his own spin on viral video trends. Ricky stays in-the-know with what’s currently popular on YouTube, but he’s also not afraid to branch out and do his own thing.

3. He pursues projects outside of his typical YouTube content.

Ricky doesn’t limit his career to own type of content creation. Rather, he enjoys experimenting and branching out, especially with music. He occasionally creates cover videos and even original music. He also published a successful book.

Ricky Dillon is a successful vlogger because he dances to the beat of his own drum. Because he truly enjoys the content that he creates, Ricky has attracted an audience of millions who love to watch his videos.

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