How This YouTube Star Gets A Ton of Views On Her Videos

If you know Miranda Sings, then you probably know that she has a personal YouTube channel called PsychoSoprano. Colleen Ballinger is a really famous YouTube personality who has 5.1 million subscribers in her personal channel and more than eight million subscribers on her Miranda Sings channel. Colleen has managed to keep up with three of her YouTube channels and still be a successful personality.

Let’s take a look on how her videos reach so many views.

1. She takes challenges and makes them her own.

Colleen took a very popular challenge that a lot of makeup gurus have done and recreated it using only lipsticks. What’s special about this lipstick challenge was that she used the red lipsticks her character Miranda Sings uses.

2. She has a very goofy personality.

Personalities make up for a lot. Especially in such a competitive industry, having a dull or uninteresting personality can bring you little to no success. Colleen is known for being a comedian with her character Miranda Sings, but even when she’s not doing her character, she still manages to entertain her fans.

3. She does song covers.

Not a lot of comedy YouTubers sing, but Colleen does everything. Apart from having her two other channels and doing everything else she does, Colleen adds covers of songs. The fact that she can incorporate so many things to her channel and still keep her fans entertained says a lot about her.

Check out this cover she did of “Praying” by Kesha.

PsychoSoprano has become one of Colleen’s most popular channels, right behind her most popular, Miranda Sings. Her ability to keep up with all her channels and still have a great personality is why Colleen is very successful.

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