How John Legend Created His Next Major Hit

John Legend is one of the few artists who use their popular platforms to voice and bring awareness to pressing issues in society. His new music video featuring Chance The Rapper highlights the division that exists in the US currently. So much of John Legend’s success comes from the messages he puts out with his music videos.

Here’s how “Penthouse Floor” will become a popular hit.

1. The message behind the lyrics brings awareness.

Legend’s album Darkness and Light is centered on the theme about the bad things happening in the world and people trying to find some light in it. The lyrics of “Penthouse Floor” brings attention to the current issues citizens are seeing in America relating to the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s important for musicians to use their voice to bring awareness on big issues because they have the power of reaching out to big groups.

2. The music video has a lot of deep messages.

If you look back at Legend’s music videos, you will find that he likes to voice many issues that exist in the world through his songs. In “Penthouse Floor,” Legend shows his listeners the division that exists between different race groups.

He also shows a rally with people holding up signs with Black Lives Matter. Along with that, you see one of Colin Kaepernick’s jerseys shown in support of his movement.

3. He collaborated with one of the most influential artists of this time.

Chance The Rapper has become one of the most influential artists of this time, winning three Grammys and four BET awards. In an interview with Showbiz, John said, “I’m a big fan of Chance. I think as a really young artist already, he has done some exciting things for the art, and you can just see his creativity and his exuberance for music…”.

The decision he took to collaborate with Chance on this song was a great choice.

John Legend has managed to stay on top of a very competitive industry while speaking up about important issues that surround the US. His new music video serves as an example of what is happening in America today and how people can bring some light into such a dark place.

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