How This Woman Created 3 Successful YouTube Channels

Many creators struggle to keep up with one channel, but one creator skillfully manages three! Austrian creator Joanna Zhou runs three popular YouTube channels: Maqaroon, Cute Life Hacks, and Cute Life Hacks DE. The first two have more than a million subscribers each, and the third has about a quarter million.

Here’s how this woman created three successful YouTube channels.

She started in a niche she was passionate about.

Joanna earned her degree in art and illustration from Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art in London. After graduating, she became an award-winning graphic designer and manga artist. She even published a book of drawing tutorials.

Because of her lifelong passion for art, Joanna decided to start a crafting channel. She shared video tutorials for needlefelting, making plushies, and other cute DIYs.

When she first started on YouTube, Joanna didn’t show her face on camera. She described Maqaroon as “a place where girls can get creative inspiration, DIY ideas, and good life advice without the glorification of money, beauty, or body image.”

She launched a second channel in order to share more content she loved.

As her first channel grew on YouTube, Joana became interested in life hacks, especially those that involved crafting. In order to create her own videos on this topic, she created a new channel, Cute Life Hacks.

The videos on Cute Life Hacks are in the same niche as Maqaroon, but they aren’t exactly the same. Joanna’s second channel takes on a more playful, Pinterest-inspired style. These videos tend to be related to current trends and pop culture.

For example, when the slime craze first hit YouTube, Joanna created a lot of slime videos for Cute Life Hacks. Once squishies became popular, she began DIYing her own.

She created a secondary version of Cute Life Hacks in German.

Though she creates most of her videos in English, Joanna lives in a German-speaking country. Therefore, she decided to create a version of Cute Life Hacks in German, which became Cute Life Hacks DE.

Joanna doesn’t run this channel on her own, however. Cute Life Hacks DE is a collaboration with her friend Lisa. Though they create the videos together, Lisa is more so the face of the German channel.

She has a dedicated workspace in which to create her videos.

The main way Joanna stays on top of all three channels is by treating her content creation as she would any desk job. Instead of working out of her house, she has an office dedicated to filming, editing, and uploading her videos.

She also keeps her work life and her personal life relatively separate. However, since her channels grew immensely, Joanna has been sharing more of her personal life with her viewers, including introducing them to her newborn baby.

Joanna Zhou is an extremely successful content creator because she is equally hardworking, dedicated, and organized. By prioritizing her upload schedule, she’s able to manage three channels without missing a beat.

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