How This Vlogger’s Music Video Got 600K Views In A Week

Singer and vlogger Dodie Clark is one of Britain’s top up-and-coming talents. Her latest EP, You, even reached the sixth spot on the UK’s music charts. Her first music video from the EP got more than 600,000 views in its first week.

Here’s how Dodie Clark’s “6/10” music video reached 600,000 views.

1. She worked with a frequent collaborator.

Dodie’s previous music videos were also directed by her friend Sammy Paul. The other music videos that they’ve made together received millions of views, so recreating that collaboration was a brilliant idea on both ends.

2. She pinned the video to the top of her Twitter profile.

New fans are finding Dodie through her YouTube videos every single day. Both of her personal YouTube channels link to her social media accounts. When she tweeted about her new music video, Dodie made the announcement her pinned tweet so that it would be the first thing anyone saw when they clicked on her profile.

3. She made a video worth watching again and again.

Dodie’s music video tells the story of a girl who doesn’t feel good enough. The meaning of the video is conveyed through a lot of symbolism that viewers may have a hard time catching the first time around. By creating a multilayered video, Dodie gave her viewers something worth watching again and again.

Dodie Clark’s new “6/10” music video got more than 600,000 views in its first week because of teamwork and quality. Dodie’s new music video means a lot to many of her fans.

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