How This Video Got 300,000+ Views In Less Than A Day

James Charles is widely known as the first male spokesmodel for popular makeup brand Covergirl. However, what you may not know is that this eighteen-year-old beauty prodigy has a successful YouTube channel of his own with more than 1.7 million subscribers. In fact, James’s latest video, a collaboration with iconic YouTube comedy star Colleen Ballinger, got more than 300,000 views in less than a day.

Here’s how James Charles’s latest collaboration got hundreds of thousands of views soon after it was uploaded.

1. He did a series of collaborations that were all uploaded in the same week.

In one day, James, Colleen, and their friend Ricky Dillon filmed collab videos for each other’s channels. All three of them uploaded these collaborations within a few days of each other, thereby driving traffic between all three channels.

James’s collaborations with Ricky capitalized on a current YouTube trend.

2. He took a break from his usual content to create something funny.

In a typical video, James Charles is all business. He takes makeup very seriously, and his expertise and professionalism shine through the way he presents himself online. However, when a fan tweeted Colleen screenshots of fan tweets that a thirteen-year-old James had sent to Colleen, he decided to let her read them on camera. Both the creators and the viewers got to enjoy a really funny video.

James again took a chance with comedy on Colleen’s Miranda Sings channel, where her kooky character had him read hate comments from his previous videos.

3. He released the video in time for the weekend.

James uploaded the video on Friday, just in time for viewers who were getting out of work or school for the week. Friday evenings are a great time to post because many potential viewers are looking for entertainment while they kick back and relax after a long, hard week.

James also posted on Wednesday of this week, which was perfect for viewers looking to take a mid-week break.

James Charles got so many views on his video so quickly because he took a break from his usual content style by working with another YouTuber and creating a video in a different style than he normally does.

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