How This Social Media Personality Became So Popular So Quickly

B. Simone is known for her humorous personality. She’s a comedian who really knows how to make people laugh.

Here are some key points you can take away from her success.

1. She took advantage by using social media.

B. Simone is effortlessly funny, and she doesn’t try to do too much. Since she uses Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks, it’s not hard for her to grasp the audience’s attention. A video in which she talked about how men don’t treat women right was the start of her career.

Check out the video.

2. She’s very consistent with her delivery.

What separates comedians or any character on social media is their persistence and personality. B. Simone always comes with something new and entertaining that will make people watch her videos. Her most popular video on YouTube, which generated around a million views, was a tribute to the former pop icon Aaliyah.

Here’s the video.

3. Her social media success got her a new gig.

Once B. Simone made a name for herself, she was asked by the MTV executive producer Nick Cannon to join the cast of Wild N Out for this upcoming season.

This is a big move for B. Simone and will open more doors in the future. In her latest video, she was practicing with the cast of Wild N Out to make sure she got the hang of things.

Check out the video.

For any comedian, social media is the route to go. If you can build an audience through social networks, it’ll help you achieve success much faster.

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