How This Small Business Owner Is Growing Her Channel And Her Company

Katie Carson started her own soap-making business called Royalty Soaps when she was only seventeen. Now, almost ten years later, she also manages a YouTube channel where she posts soap-making tutorials as well as behind-the-scenes looks at how she creates her products. With several hundred thousand subscribers, Royalty Soaps is successful as both a YouTube channel and a small business.

Here’s how Katie Carson is growing both her channel and her company.

The channel fits within the popular maker community.

YouTube is home to a wide variety of creator communities, including the artistically inclined maker community. A ton of different content niches fit within the larger community. This group includes the crafters, the DIYers, the painters, the Etsy shop owners, and anyone else whose videos focus on making things.

A lot of creators within the maker community focus on the processes behind the products they sell, such as slime or jewelry. Because all of Katie’s products are handcrafted, Royalty Soaps fit right in. Many of her videos demonstrate how specific products in her shop are made.

The instructional videos have high SEO potential.

Tutorials are a staple in the maker community. These creators share step-by-step guides that viewers can follow along with at home. These kinds of videos are perfect for SEO because, quite often, the title can align precisely with a viewer’s search. Creators can also utilize keywords specifically related to their content niches.

Katie uploads a lot of soap-making tutorials. She utilizes strong SEO keywords like “how to,” “DIY,” and “easy.” However, her tutorial titles also include keywords that are specific to soap-making, such as “soap embeds” or “botanical.” The video below is a prime example of how well she uses SEO keywords in her titles.

She also does entertainment videos to appeal to a wider audience.

The Royalty Soaps channel isn’t just for viewers who aspire to make their own soap. More casual viewers can find plenty of videos to enjoy. Katie often adapts viral YouTube challenges to fit a soap-making video, or she invents new challenges of her own. She also tests store-bought craft kits, and occasionally, her family members join her.

To draw in a wider audience, she often designs soaps based on current fashion or social media trends. Alternatively, she’ll do a soap design that’s a bit weird or off-beat and therefore guaranteed to catch viewers’ attention. For example, her taco-inspired soap brought in several hundred thousand views.

The Royalty Soaps YouTube channel has helped Katie Carson grow a successful small business. Likewise, the uniqueness of her business attracts a lot of viewers.

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