How This Pop Star Got 4 Top Ten Hits

Meghan Trainor carved her place in music history with the smash hit “All About That Bass.” Fast forward three years later, and Meghan has had three more top ten hits.

Here’s how Meghan Trainor got four top ten hits in only three years.

1. She started out by releasing music independently.

When Meghan Trainor was fifteen, she started releasing her own music independently. She wrote, recorded, and produced three albums by herself. She won multiple songwriting contests and released a charity single called “Take Care Of Our Soldiers.”

Don’t wait around to “get discovered.” Make your own opportunities like Meghan did by recording and releasing your own music. The Internet makes it easy for anyone with a computer to become an artist.

2. She wrote hits for other artists first.

Before becoming a platinum-selling artist herself, Meghan learned how to write a hit by working for other popular artists. She helped pen hits such as “Sledgehammer” by Fifth Harmony and “I Like The Sound of That” by Rascall Flatts. “Ain’t Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez was originally meant for Meghan’s debut album!

Before you can release a hit, you should learn how to write one. Start by working as a songwriter so that you can both learn the ropes and make connections with industry pros who can help you later on.

3. She used her experience to write and produce one of the bestselling singles in pop history

Meghan Trainor co-wrote “All About That Bass” in 2013. However, every label and artist she offered it to turned it down. Meghan decided to grab her ukelele and record the song herself. “All About That Bass” went number one in 58 countries, and it became one of the bestselling singles of all time. The music video has more than a billion and a half views.

If Meghan hadn’t been working as a pop songwriter, then she may never have written “All About That Bass.” You can use the experience you gain by working in different facets of the music industry to launch your own music career.

4. She kept to the formula that made her a commercial success.

Meghan Trainor became well-known for her retro-inspired bubblegum pop. She followed up “All About That Bass” with two albums, both of which kept with her trademark style.

When you find something that works for you, keep running with it. Don’t try to change up your sound just for the sake of change. If it works for both you and your listeners, then you should keep recording the kind of music that makes you successful.

Meghan Trainor got four top ten hits by learning how to write a hit and then sticking with what made her successful. If you follow get experience that you can later use to launch your own music career, then you, too, could have a top ten hit.

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