How This New Channel Is Gaining Thousands Of Subscribers

Many YouTube creators have been focusing on comedic skits, pranks, and reactions because it has proven to be a successful format. It takes work and dedication, however, to keep viewers interested and to continue gaining subscribers. One such channel that has been gaining popularity on YouTube is Book of Ken.

Below are the reasons why Book of Ken has gained over 800,000 subscribers.

1. Book of Ken’s videos are funny and creative.

Their videos contain humor and interesting moments, which is interesting to audiences. There’s a diverse range of video content they produce, which includes skits, reactions, pranks, and even dares. Book of Ken’s videos are likable by viewers because they present funny situations in a natural way.

Below is an example of Book of Ken’s prank videos.

2. Their personalities make their videos attractive to audiences.

Book of Ken’s content creators Ken and Carly make the videos interesting to viewers because their personalities make the videos fun to watch. They’re fresh faces on the YouTube scene, and the fact that they’re a couple sets them apart. They are both humorous and funny, which keeps their videos view counts higher compared to other channels.

Below is an example of Ken and Carly’s personalities in a video.

3. Their reactions are hilarious.

The videos on their channel typically feature reactions to awkward pranks or situations. Book of Ken’s own reactions to pranks they perform on themselves are funny as well because they make it look authentic.

Below is an example of their videos which feature funny reactions from random people.

These are the reasons why Book of Ken’s videos have risen in popularity and their channel currently has over 800,000 subscribers. Their videos are funny and creative, which attracts viewers to their YouTube channel. Their personalities and the reactions they capture make their videos fun to watch.

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