How This Music Video Got More Than 2 Billion Views

Katy Perry is unarguably a queen when it comes to pop music. She has multiple music videos with more than a billion views. “Roar,” in particular, utterly smashed the view counter.

Here’s how “Roar” got more than two billion views.

1. The single promoted her album release.

Katy released “Roar” to promote her fourth studio album PRISM. By choosing such a catchy song as the lead single, Katy got the world excited for more new music. In turn, the buzz around the album created excitement for the music video. “Roar” quickly went number one.

Listen to an incredible performance of the song here.

2. The video had a unique and exciting concept.

The “Roar” music video wasn’t just another run-of-the-mill pop video. Rather, the music video turned Katy into an action hero who fought to survive in the jungle after a plane crash. She even tamed a tiger!

Check out the video below.

3. She continued to promote the video after its release.

After the release of the “Roar” video, Katy also uploaded a behind-the-scenes look at the music video’s creation. She continued to promote the song by performing it all across the globe. Fans are still rocking out to “Roar” today.

Take a look behind-the-scenes.

Katy Perry’s music videos get billions of views because she knows how to create something that viewers want to watch again and again.

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