How This Music Video Got 200 Million+ Views

The music industry has been changing, and there have been few new faces on the rap music scene. Rap music in recent years has seen new musicians who have a different feel to their music compared to previous artists.

One such new face to the industry is G-Eazy, who has become one of the most popular rap artists on the radio today. The songs he produces regularly top charts, and one such song has a high number of views on G-Eazy’s Vevo Channel.

“I Mean It” ft. Remo has over 200 million views, and the reasons below explain why.

1. G-Eazy’s style of music and lyrics show his creativity.

G-Eazy’s music is very popular amongst both new and old rap music listeners. He uses musical beats that give his songs a certain feel or flow with the addition of his lyrics. G-Eazy’s choice of background sounds reflect his lyrics and give each new song a meaning or message. His lyrics are attractive to listeners, as they may relate to it.

The beats he uses are different from traditional rap music, which shows how the genre has changed over time. His voice is also attractive to listeners and is different from others, which gives his music a brand of its own.

Below is an example of G-Eazy’s musical creativity with a song from his Vevo channel.

2. His fashion sense and personal style are different from other artists.

What sets G-Eazy apart as well is the fashion choices that make him a white rapper different from others before him. His style and fashion shows his individuality and his charisma. He wears a wide array of clothes and also takes part in modeling when not producing music. His hairstyle is unique and has inspired others to have a sleek style as well.

Below is an example of G-Eazy’s unique hairstyle in a YouTube video.

3. G-Eazy’s music videos showcase his creativity.

G-Eazy’s music videos showcase his songs and give them context. His music videos are artistic and entertaining, which attracts listeners. His music videos also incorporate humour, which is the case for “I Mean It.” The thought and creativity he puts into his music videos shows his dedication to his work.

Below is music video for “I Mean It.”

These are the reasons why G-Eazy’s music video for “I Mean It” has reached over 200 million views on YouTube. His musical creativity and lyrics make his music unique from other artists. His personal fashion style also shows his individuality in his genre of music, as he is different from what most people perceive as a traditional rap artist. Lastly, his music videos showcase his artistic side, as they provide context for his music.

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