How This Highly Anticipated Album Became One Of The Biggest Releases Of The Year

Travis Scott is an artist who’s known for his creativity and his innovative music style. His new album titled Astroworld has fans talking about what’s to come.

Here’s why.

1. He has multiple Billboard hits.

Travis Scott is one of the most talented and accomplished artists in the game. With songs like “Antidote” and “Pick Up The Phone”, the results speak for themselves. These songs put him at the top of the Billboard charts within a week.

Check out the video for “Pick Up The Phone.”

2. His songs are killing the party scene.

Depending on your preference of music selection, it’s understood that Travis Scott songs are played in the majority of up-tempo clubs. It’s often said that Travis Scott music is like an adrenaline rush that’s made for you to have a good time in the club.

Here’s a video of Travis Scott performing a variety of songs in a club.

3. His new hit increased the anticipation for his unreleased album.

As the album release date got closer, he gave his fans a song they couldn’t resist. His latest hit “Goosebumps” is a flat-out club banger. It currently has eight million views on YouTube.

Here’s the video.

For an artist, being creative is key. Try to put yourself in a lane no one is in; this will help you build a fanbase that’ll stick with you to the end.

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