How This Disney Darling Became A Rising Pop Sensation

Disney is a major player in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to manufacturing pop stars. However, from Miley Cyrus to Zendaya, each former Disney starlet has her own unique set of skills that makes her successful.

Here’s how Disney darling Sofia Carson is becoming a rising pop sensation.

1. She started small with guest spots and TV movies.

Sofia Carson made her television debut as a guest star on the popular Disney Channel show Austin and Ally. This minor role helped her catch the attention of the team behind Disney’s next greatest movie franchise, Descendants. Sofia played a starring role.

Check out a clip of Sofia as Evie in Descendants.

2. She followed in the footsteps of her successful forerunners.

After starring in two Disney Channel original movies, Sofia took a break from the Mouse to work with a different movie company. She starred in the latest installment of the A Cinderella Story franchise, which former Disney stars Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez have also taken part in.

Check out a scene below.

3. She pursues the kind of music that she wants to create.

Sofia Carson celebrates her Colombian heritage in her music. Her debut single “Love Is The Name” showed her worldwide audience that she both knows and loves who she is.

Here’s the music video.

4. She didn’t turn her back on what made her famous.

Sofia isn’t about to walk away from the people who helped her build such a successful career. Her net major project is Descendants 2, which will surely be followed by new music. There are bigger and better things coming for this artist.

Take a look.

Sofia Carson is well on her way from Disney starlet to household name. Keep an eye on her career to find inspiration on your own path to fame.

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