How This Creator’s Art Series Racked Up Millions Of Views

Every episode of DIY creator Moriah Elizabeth’s “Squishy Makeovers” series has gotten millions of views. A few of them have reached tens of millions of views, even attracting the attention of Bill Gates. Moriah’s successful series combines her passion for painting with a unique style of audience engagement.

Here’s how Moriah Elizabeth’s unique art series racked up millions of views.

She found a content niche within a popular community.

A few years ago, stress ball-like toys called “squishies” became super popular on YouTube. They were especially trendy in the crafting and unboxing communities. While many creators created their own DIY squishies, there wasn’t a lot of crossover between those who purchased squishies and those who made their own.

Moriah Elizabeth helped bridge that gap by giving DIY makeovers to store-bought squishies. She had been sharing tutorials for creating homemade squishies for a while, then she began to review DIY squishy kits. Soon after, she decided to try her hand at repainting store-bought squishies, and the “Squishy Makeovers” series was born.

The series involves real-life audience participation.

For many viewers, the biggest draw of “Squishy Makeovers” is that Moriah uses old squishies that have been donated by subscribers. Fans can send in their used, damaged squishies, and she’ll unbox some on camera before selecting a few to decorate. While not all the squishies fans send in will make it into a video, her viewers watch in anticipation to see if theirs will be featured.

Moriah gets the squishies she uses from her P.O. box. Fans package up their unwanted squishies and mail them to her along with letters and notes. The video below was the first time she used donated squishies, which her audience had been requesting.

Even viewers with nothing to send in can participate by voting.

Moriah’s fans don’t have to send in their old squishies in order to be a part of “Squishy Makeovers.” Every viewer can participate in the selection process by voting on which squishies will be featured in the next episode. They don’t even have to leave her YouTube channel to vote.

In the comments of every “Unboxing Your Squishy Packages” videos, fans vote on the squishies they want her to give makeovers to. They can either leave their own comments or like the comments they agree with. Though the final decision is always up to Moriah, she often checks the comments before deciding which squishies to choose.

Her content remains advertiser-friendly.

Moriah’s content has wide audience appeal, and YouTube is willing and able to push it to a wide audience because it’s always advertiser-friendly. It’s the kind of content that families could watch together, or parents could feel safe letting their kids watch it on their own. Viewers won’t encounter strong language, mature themes, or violence.

Following the advertiser-friendly content guidelines also protects her channel’s monetization. Abiding by these guidelines is a smart move for any creator. If you want to learn more about the advertiser-friendly guidelines, check out the video below.

She’s constantly putting a new spin on her typical video format.

Finally, Moriah continues to get a high number of views on her “Squishy Makeovers” videos because she continually puts a fresh spin on the format. Rather than let every video follow the same formula, she switches things up from time to time. For example, she’s done speed challenges as well as mini-series featuring identical squishies made over in unique ways.

Recently, she used a mystery wheel to decide which squishies to makeover. The randomly selected squishies presented her with a unique challenge. Her viewers enjoyed it so much that she used the mystery wheel again in a few other videos.

Moriah Elizabeth’s “Squishy Makeovers” series attracts millions of viewers by directly involving them in each episode’s creation. That high level of audience engagement has led to a high number of views.

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