How This Creator Uses Comedy To Get Millions Of Views

Eric G. Ochoa is a Hispanic YouTuber who creates entertainment and comedy videos. He uses different topics that relate to a variety of people. He likes finding a connection with his fans because it makes the fanbase feel like family. A good laugh gets people’s attention, and relating to them makes them feel a connection.

Here is how EGO uses comedy as an advantage.

1. He relates his videos to his targeted audience.

His fanbase is made of different ethnicities, and his content is especially popular with Hispanic and Latino viewers. EGO’s content began to get famous because of his “You know you’re Mexican when…” videos.

Targeted audiences could mostly be made out of your fan base, so it is important to create content that they can relate to. Making them feel connected to a comedy video can increase their ability to remember your channel.

2. EGO’s videos have storylines behind them.

Each of his videos is created into a story. He has different topics that he talks about by sharing them through a storyline.

Having your videos well thought out creates a flow, and it helps viewers understand what you’re trying to show. It keeps the video well compacted, and it catches viewers’ attention.

3. He stays relevant to trending topics.

Every month, there are different trending topics. EGO creates content that relates to the trending topic of the month.
This helps you stay relevant, and it keeps the viewers interested. Many people like to keep up with what is popular, so by staying in the trending world, you can increase the possibility of increasing viewers.

SUPEReeeGO enjoys making videos that he has fun making. He likes making people laugh, which makes him an involved content creator. Stay relevant to the trending topics, and make sure to stay connected to your fan base.

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